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I Am Not on Social Media

In March of 2020, I decided to stop using Instagram for a "peeking" break. When I had 5 seconds to spare (ha!, spare) I would log on and either look at my feed or search a word or image that I wanted to be inspired by. Most of the time I ended up down a worm hole of nothingness. Nothingness in relation to my actual life. I liked seeing the few family members I had on there, but really, I was never really into it, as I only created my Reiki for Life account for business. I found it slightly confusing when it trickled into my personal interests (and they weren't attached to Reiki).

So there...I have no social media accounts open on my computers or smartphone and I don't intend to log back in to the one I actually had. Will I change my mind? Maybe, but that is the joy of life...we can change our mind.

I recommend we change our mind when the actions propel us FORWARD, and not backwards. No one needs to spend 20+ minutes searching pictures of the perfect one-piece bathing suit. We need to find the suit that makes us smile, slap it on and jump into the water. No secret phone pocket required.


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