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Website Name Change - Whaaa?

I sent an email earlier this morning, to alert you to the fact that "" will be expiring early this May. What will continue to hold its place is "". now THAT name I have for the better part of 2 more years. For those of you who are receiving this email, it is because you have been a client of mine: years ago only once, multiple times or a bonafide regular and I have your email. I try not to send it to anyone who hasn't been "active" in a while, so my thought out words and emails don't end up in junk/as spam/as a waste of your time to read. That would hurt my heart, but more directly - it could be your truth!

If the first paragraph didn't engage you, send this email to trash.

If the first paragraph engaged you to keep reading, then welcome and thank-you. love love love

I practice Reiki on myself and others and continue to do so when called to. I also started Spiritual Guidance, as a Spiritual Mentor of sorts. For those of you who have seen me in the last 10 months or so, you know that we chat after Reiki about anything I have connected with - Spirit, your guides or mine, or yourself. I added Spiritual Guidance as it's own seperate offering because many people were getting more out of the end then the overall. Make sense? Still with me? ;-)

As for why this ties in with the website name, I decided last year to add "" to assert more of myself and my offerings than just one thing. I am slowly removing website/email costs out of my life because I didn't want to pay for it anymore. It also tied in to the feeling I was having by the end of last year and the start of this year, of "how can I be a better helper in this world and what does that look like in my day to day?". I still don't have any definite answers to this question because I haven't been spoken to yet. In case you don't know, I receive life guidance by visions and voices that are not mine and not of this world. In the Earthly aspect, I receive what can look like "coincidences"; however, to me, they are my direct signs of being on the right path (and boy do I get some clear and constant "coincidences", if that's your cup of tea, hit me up!)

Another thing before I sign off: I am more then these offerings you are aware of. I love arts & crafts, creating things on a whim (and sometimes too quickly stopping them due to distractions - that's another blog), cooking, fashion, making personal items and clothing for others, volunteering, singing and writing. My brain is always on fire with ideas of what I can do - it's finding the resources and time to do them that I have to pray and work on.

I do not wish to pigeonhole myself and I look forward to seeing how I can be of service to you and friends I haven't met yet. This was my long-winded way of saying I might use my website for multiple purposes, or I might not. It will be great, I am great and you are great.




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