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Something has Changed

Something has changed and it's not the temperature outside. It's not about my hairstyle, my wardrobe or my pant size. If only this were a live online chat, I'd pause for a few seconds so everyone could shout out where they think the change took place. I should be a little more clear: many things have changed and things are continuing to change! The hard work and consistant focus I have spent my time on has drastically changed how my inner workings are wired and this in turn has made many things in my "outer life" change, for the better. Let's be clear, for the better of mental clarity and soul purpose.

Be honest with yourself: if you hear someone's conversation working itself into "soul purpose" territory, do you feel hostility or resentment coming from within? It's natural to feel defensive when anything that tries to permeate your space - literal or mental - isn't in alignment with how you are living your life presently. It can be instinctual to be defensive...when you are living in fear. You could even find yourself now reacting to "when you are living in fear"'s a crazy cycle you've placed yourself in if any of this rings slightly true. No one has chosen your life path to be filled with fear, distrust, doubt and hate; it's all fear really, masked under many different words and expressions. No one has chosen this path for you - you chose it for yourself. And boy oh boy, does that sting when you read and re-read and let it sink into your head (and thoughts and past-experiences) chose it for yourself. I say this, knowing that all types of healing need to take place to fully understand what this looks like for each individual.

I can honestly tell you - truly, in all honesty - that accepting "I choose it", was the first step for my own healing. Generational, psychological...I chose to accept that I did not have to take on every family members own personal trauma - I am not their trauma. I chose to accept that a friends opinions may not be in alignment with who my heart and soul lead me to be - their opinion of me is none of my business (still love that one!).

Change can happen: at a soul, an earthly and at a cellular level. CHOSE THE CHANGE. I am happy to help you with that...and happy to share.

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