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The Greatest Distraction Ever Sold

At the beginning of the month, you might not be too concerned with much other then prioritizing work commitments, making sure everyone is fed and having at least a pathway to walk through when there isn't any time for a deep clean of the home. Closing in on the end of the month, you have bought most of the gifts, planned a few things to definitely have in the fridge and dusted off something that resembles a holiday shirt. December can be hectic for some and joyful for others. Or if you are like most, a dizzying blend of both. Throw in a handful of sniffles from a cold and that sounds like a December. What about the last day of December? The fateful New Years Eve, full of promise and aspirations and, well, hope. Hope we can be, just maybe, a little bit better then we think we were in the previous year.

Notice I used the word "think". What we "think" we are, were, about to be. I wish I could help you with the "about to be" part, but I can definitely help with the "are". And some of the "were". That is what I was put on this Earth to do: to open your eyes to the possibilities that lie before you, on your life path. And the thing of it all - it's not even me who's doing the work! I work with spirit and spirit works through me. Each and every one of you reading this/visiting me has all the drive and motivators within you. I facilitate the space for you to be awoken to your power.

Now back to New Years, or more specifically New Years Day. Has a feel to it, doesn't it? More people are becoming privy to the idea of not starting any "new" venture or life change on New Years Day, for reasons I'm sure I don't have to explain here (pressure much?!?). I could help you with tips and tricks to make any New Years life changes easier…but I won't. I WILL remind you of all the different people in our world that can help you become healthier, more mindful, more joyful, more peaceful, more focused and more YOU. I am one of those people. May you choose to find your purpose.



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