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Start Simple

Good things with good positive intentions should be shared. How am I starting off something that seems extraordinary (blog) to me? Deodorant. Right?

Two of the best (to me) all natural deodorants I have tried in the past year: All Things Hemp Seed (Cherry Blossom and Orange and Peppermint) Natural Deodorant; small company from Grimsby - & Humble All Natural Deodorant (bergamot and ginger...also tried the one with palo santo); an American company that doesn't deliver to Canada last time I checked a few months ago (I found them at Marshalls and Winners scooped up as much as I could find).

Local and natural = All things Hemp Seed. This stuff keeps me fresh ALL DAY and I am proud to say I share this information with no connection to the people who make or market these products - I simply want to share the love and goodness of what I find in my day-to-day.

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