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Sometimes It Snows In April

Sometimes it snows in April. Did you catch it? As I looked out of my giant windows, snow coming down, snow the size of gumballs making it hard to see across the street. A day or so before my daughter was commenting on how great it was to go out in a "small jacket" (spring jacket...she's the sweetest thing) and there we were making sure we stayed inside so as not to ruin our self-imposed internal Spring temperature. It snowed in April and all we could do was roll with the punches.

You can plan for anything and everything and make those plans as failproof as possible. What you cannot plan for is what you didn't plan for. Sound confusing? How's this: with all the planning and prepping life seems to need, always remember to set time aside every day ("Elisha, every day? You surely must not know how my life is!") to just BE. To just your breathe, in your space, in you.

Of course you can read/hear this in so many outlets nowadays, and now you can say you heard it from me. ;-) Yet another person, reminding you it's important to breathe; important to just BE in YOU, before you tackle all those things you busy yourself with.

Only you can make the time for yourself. Start with a minute...

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