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Easy Does It

Updated: Jan 26, 2022


And now that I have your attention...can you think of anything that you would like to change about yourself? When you think of change, how is your brain wired to process this idea: physical, emotional, spiritual, behavioural, habitual?

Now I want you to focus on the thoughts that popped into your head when you imagined change for many years have you been thinking of the same thing (to change)? Here's an example of what I mean: "Ok, this is the year that I stop spending so much money on _____", or "Ok, this is the year I fit into my size ____ jeans from my university years" or "This is the year I finally cut ______ out of my friend circle because they really are a frenemy".

From there, if little to no change has taken place, would you say this is worth continuing? These mental cycles? It can seem like a cycle of torture, in my opinion. Really sit, and think about how much mental energy you have used in thinking the same thoughts or speaking the same words to yourself in hopes of "one day, it'll happen if I want it bad enough".

This paragraph here isn't to give you a possible answer to a set-up of questions...this is to get the hamster off the wheel so it can go take a walk outside of the cage.

Now go and have a great week. Take that hamster for a walk.



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